Corporate playing cards, which feature your company’s logo, message, products, and/or brand or other information, provide a distinctive type of promotion and brand building by helping to popularize new brands and ingrain them in the minds of your potential customers. It is not only a fun experience, but it also provides a wide range of potential material.

Business playing cards can be great promotional materials to sell and advertise your brand, products, and/or message. To suit your needs and attract the attention of your target audience, you have entire control over the hues and images on the card backs, as well as the font and design of the playing card faces.

Sharda Cards produces a deck of birthday playing cards for the purpose of making your birthday celebrations unique. With Our customized Birthday Playing Cards, we assist you in making an everlasting memory. Simply choose a custom design style, enter the birthday person’s name and the date, followed by a heartfelt wish. The color of your choice is imprinted on these patterns.


Tailor-made Solutions

We can print custom playing and Gaming cards for Our Customers. Our collection aims to evoke a sense of curiosity and delight, encOuraging people to engage in a lively and sophisticated community.


150+ products are there like we can make customised products for Gaming industry, Customise promotional gifts, prizes for corporate/charity events, Custom Anniversary and wedding gifts, Trade shows and among other Things in wholesale/ bulk pricing.

Our Production Steps

How It Works

We customise unique designs on each card in the deck to custom backs with a regular sequence of numbered cards.

When you select the custom playing cards option then we make the perfect card and it is a completely unique deck of cards.

Choose Custom Or Standard Packaging options with personalised playing cards.